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GP ReCyko+ 1000 AA card of 4

GP ReCyko+ 1000 AA card of 4
The GP ReCyko+ 1000 rechargeable AA batteries offer long-lasting and reliable power to a wide range of applications and devices. They retain power for longer, and can be charged up to 300 times.
* High-quality power
* Pre-charged and ready to use
* Long service life

Additional Information

The GP ReCyko rechargeable AA batteries offer a super long service life, powering your electronic devices for longer. These 1.2V batteries come to you pre-charged for your convenience. They provide quality, high performing energy straight from the packet.

These rechargeable AA batteries are compatible with all devices which require AA batteries. They are ideal for home and office use, and in high drain appliances such as digital cameras, MP3 players and remote control toys.

The longevity of the GP ReCyko +1000 batteries make them excellent value for money. Once fully charged the batteries will retain 80% of capacity for up to one year. They have an extended service life, lasting for up to 6 years or recharging 300 times, whichever comes first.

Not only are the GP ReCyko batteries cost effective, but by replacing single use batteries they are also more environmentally friendly. Just one GP ReCyko battery can provide the same power as hundreds of disposable cells.

To ensure batteries continue to provide the best possible performance we recommend using a GP power bank to recharge your ReCyko+ 1000 batteries.

Benefits :
• Money saving (1 x ReCyko = Up to 300 single-use batteries
• Guaranteed for 6 years or 300 recharges, whichever comes first
• Ready to use, precharged
• Holds power up to 80% after 1 year once fully charged
• Recharged by GP Charger for the best performance
• Cost saving and environmentally friendly

Specifications :
• GP ReCyko Rechargeable battery
• Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry
• AA size
• Rated capacity 1000mAh
• Nominal voltage 1.2V
• Gross weight ~20g

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