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GP Lithium CRV9 card of 1

GP Lithium CRV9 card of 1

GP Lithium 9V is the best choice for powering smoke detectors. Providing 5 times longer lifetime than standard 9V batteries, it is the ideal solution to avoid operating problems and regular replacement.

* 5 times longer battery life
* Built-in safety mechanism
* Shelf life of 10 years


Additional Information

Disaster can strike any time. That’s why you want to be assured that your household devices that require a 9V lithium battery, such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, will be there when you need them. Short battery life can leave your family at risk in an emergency. Don’t let battery failure endanger your home or property.

As the top choice for powering smoke detectors, GP 9V Lithium batteries will be there for you when you need them. With a battery life that’s five times longer than the standard 9V lithium battery, save yourself the hassle of changing batteries frequently and rest assured that your devices will avoid operating issues.

With a ten year long shelf life and built in safety mechanism, it’s no wonder homeowners are choosing this GP lithium battery. Lithium batteries are lighter and longer-lasting than alkaline batteries.

Whether it’s maintaining home safety devices or saving yourself the irritation of having a clock’s backup battery fail or torch go out during a power cut, the lithium 9V battery is an obvious choice. They’re also perfect for musicians who need reliable battery power for equipment that’s powered by 9V batteries.

Fitting all standard 9V devices, the GP Lithium 9V battery is compliant with safety and environmental regulations and sold in cards of 1.

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