GP PowerBank Charger U211 with 2 ReCyko+ 1000 AA & 2 ReCyko+ 400 AAA

GP PowerBank Charger U211 with 2 ReCyko+ 1000 AA & 2 ReCyko+ 400 AAA
GP U211 PowerBank is a compact charger for your AA or AAA batteries. It provides a universal common charging platform for ease.
* Auto power cut off
* LED indicator displays charging status
* USB to Micro USB cable for recharging batteries

Additional Information

The GP U211 PowerBank charger provides rapid power for those busy individuals who are constantly on the go. Its compact and light design make it the ideal travelling power bank. Its handy USB connector provides a universal power platform allowing you to plug in and recharge batteries from almost anywhere.

The GP PowerBank is simple to use and allows for much greater freedom. The U211 can be powered from a computer, smart phone charger or any standard USB charger with micro USB plug. The charger is quick and convenient and with a built-in channel charging system, the GP U211 PowerBank can charge 2 AA or 2 AAA NiMH batteries within 8 hours.

It also boasts an auto power cut off safety control. This feature not only protects the device from overheating and over-charging, but it also saves you time as you can safely charge overnight and have fully recharged batteries ready to use when you need them.

This U211 battery charger comes with the highest standard of GP rechargeable batteries. The ReCyko+ 1000 AA and the +400 AAA offer quality and long lasting power to a wide range of household electronic devices.

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