GP Silver Oxide Button 392 (SR41) card of 5

GP Silver Oxide Button 392 (SR41) card of 5

GP Silver Oxide Button 392 (SR41) card of 5


GP Silver Oxide batteries assure the time reliability of your watch. They deliver balanced power and guarantee an enduring run-time for every watch available.

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The 392E(SR41 battery equivalent) is a high performance watch battery providing a balanced discharge for up to 700 hours. With the SR41 you can rest assured that your watch time will be accurate and will remain reliable for much longer than with any other standard watch battery. So you can be sure that you are never running late for that important appointment.

As well as powering your watch, the SR41 is also compatible with a wide range of small electronic devices which typically require long-lasting power. It will power your office calculator, home and travel clocks, plus those power hungry kid’s toys.

The longer life means that you can keep the kids entertained for much longer, and for less money. The 5 pack of SR41 is a great value for money. The silver oxide cell batteries retain 90% capacity after one year and 85% after the third year in storage.

This exceptionally long shelf life and low self-discharge means you won’t need to replace them as often and makes the SR41 one of the most economical batteries on the market.