How to Choose Batteries for Popular Battery-Operated Toys

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Christmas is around the corner; you have probably been swept up in planning and buying gifts for loved ones. You might be buying gadgets, toys, and electronic products for any number of your family, especially children. The modern world calls for modern toys for Christmas. However most toys and gadgets don’t come with batteries included, so you might need to purchase these separately. After all, you don’t want to get to the big day and your loved ones can’t try out their super cool RC race car.

Luckily GP has you covered for all your battery needs this Christmas and below we provide you with tips and a rundown on some popular battery-operated toys that you’ll need to have a supply of batteries for.

Always choose rechargeable batteries for toys

Whether it's games consoles, remote controls for cars, a toy musical instrument, or a speaking doll, all these devices need batteries. Toys can use up a lot of energy too, so we would always recommend rechargeable batteries, to save on single-use waste – and your wallet.

Buy rechargeable batteries for Toys in bulk

Grab enough rechargeable batteries to cover all your devices, then get a few more to have fresh sets to swap out for dead ones that need recharging, that way you cut out downtime between charges. A simple tip, but one that people often overlook, always buy extra.

Battery operated toys

Alongside normal toys, there’s also a wide range of other toys that require batteries. Toys like keyboards, LED lava lamps, electronic counting piggy banks, and moving fluffy puppies all require batteries. A lot of them also ship without batteries included, so make sure to check the packaging! However, even when they are included, they are often low-quality, single-use batteries that are best replaced with rechargeable versions/equivalents.

Toys with remote controls

Cars are the obvious ones here, but also consider devices like drones, helicopters, and even robots. These are all very popular choices with children and they absolutely devour batteries. This is why you need to choose the right electric toy car batteries for the job! A good bet here would be our GP ReCyko Pro batteries with their high-performance attributes, and a high capacity of 2000mAh, they’re perfect for powering these types of controllers. They also have a massive charging lifecycle of 1500 times ensuring they can keep on performing for years to come!

Batteries for games consoles

Some Xbox game consoles require a strong set of AA batteries to function, the same goes for a lot of PC accessories too. A set of GP ReCyko Charge 10 AA rechargeable batteries paired with a ReCyko ultra-fast charger are perfect for keeping your perfect high score without interruption. When time is key our Charge 10 batteries can be recharged in just 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about long charging times.

A final note on battery safety

Some toys require small batteries such as lithium coin batteries. It is vital to pay attention to how accessible these batteries are inside toys you are purchasing for your child as they can present a choking hazard.

They can also cause harm if they come in contact with bodily fluids by generating a current that produces small amounts of sodium hydroxide, a harsh corrosive. If the battery is swallowed or gets stuck in the body, this can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue and death. You can read more on the risks of lithium coin batteries here.

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