GP ReCyko Pro Charger Dock (USB) D461 and Pro Charger (USB) P461 with 4 x AA Pro 2000mAh NiMH Batteries

GP ReCyko Pro Charger Dock (USB) D461 and Pro Charger (USB) P461 with 4 x AA Pro 2000mAh NiMH Batteries
This bundle set provides you the total solution that keeps you always empowered.

Beyond the efficiency and smart features with our ReCyko Pro battery and charger, our LCD display enabled Pro Charger Dock provides you with the advanced battery analytics – such as detailed charging statuses and capacity checks - in a user-friendly interface. Available for each or all batteries simultaneously, the selectable charging modes with the dock assure optimal care of your batteries for enhanced performance and endurance.
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Battery Charger P461
• USB charger 
• Dimension: Approx. 68(L) x 78(W) x 26(H) mm 
• No. of slots / channels: 4 / 4 
• 4 LED indicator:
- Power on: Green flash 0.5s and then off
- Charging: Green slow flashing
- Fully charged: Green LED on
- Bad / single-use batteries inserted: Red LED fast flashing
• Output voltage / charging current
- D.C. 1.4V / 1.7A x 2 or 0.85A x 4 (for AA size) 
- D.C. 1.4V / 0.7A x 2 or  0.35A x 4 (for AAA size)
• Weight: Approx. 51.5 g 
• USB power input: D.C. 5.0V 2A
• Charging time (input D.C. 5.0V 2A min., 2pcs of batteries):
- 2,100mAh AA battery – about 80 min.
- 850mAh AAA battery – about 80 min.
• Safety protection:
- Timer protection
- Negative dV full charge detection
- Temperature cut-off 

Battery Charger Dock D461
• USB charger dock 
• Dimension: Approx. 100.5(L) x 82.3(W) x 24.6(H) mm
• Output voltage / charging current: D.C. 5V / 2A 
• USB power input: D.C. 5V / 2A
• Weight: Approx. 71.5g 
• Applicable charger: 1pc of USB 4-slot charger of B421, M451 or P461
• Charging time: Same charging time of 1pc of charger B421, M451 or P461
• LCD display: 26 x 46mm
• Safety protection:
- Timer protection
- Negative dV full charge detection
- Temperature cut-off

• Capacity: 2,000mAh 
• Size: AA
• Voltage: 1.2V
• Charge retention: Up to 70% after 60 months
• Cycle life: Up to 1,500 times
• Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C
• Weight: 30g

GP ReCyko Pro Charger Dock

Looks good. Works great.

The ReCyko Pro Charger Dock completes your charging ecosystem. The innovative vertical charging design saves you space, the LCD display makes it easy to use, and the built-in functions prolong battery life. Designed to work flawlessly with the charger dock, the battery charger can also work individually via USB-charging.

GP ReCyko Pro Charger Dock

Fastest battery charging

The ReCyko Pro Charger delivers the ultimate charging performance and can fully charge four AA batteries* in just 2.6 hours – ensuring a fresh set of batteries is never far away. 

*Charging four GP ReCyko 2100mAh AA.

GP ReCyko Pro Charger Dock

Take optimal care of your batteries

Advanced functions in the Pro Charger Dock include: smart battery recovery and battery refreshing / conditioning, battery analytics features and battery capacity check – all of which can be applied on an individual battery level.  All these information are nicely shown on the LCD display in a user-friendly interface.

GP ReCyko Pro Charger Dock

Choose your own charging speed

The charger works impeccably with the bundled charger dock, providing two charging modes: Fast Charging (1.3 hrs)* and Eco Mode (4 hrs)*, catering your different needs.

*For GP ReCyko 2100mAh AA batteries


Worry-free charging

Safety over everything – the charger is equipped with multiple safety features including auto power cut-off timer that allows the charger to stop charging after a specific charging time and –dV detection function, preventing the charger from over-charging, over-voltage and short-circuit. It keeps your batteries well protected and in top conditions.