GP Silver Oxide Button 357 (SR44) card of 5

GP Silver Oxide Button 357 (SR44) card of 5

GP Silver Oxide batteries assure the time reliability of your watch. They deliver balanced power and guarantee an enduring run-time for every watch available.

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No matter the style of watch you prefer - from the expensive, the flash, the sporty or the comfortable and casual, no frills wrist watch - GP batteries will keep you right on time.

The GP 357 (SR44 battery equivalent) provides long lasting and high quality power for any make or model of watch. The 1.5V silver oxide watch batteries are highly efficient, maintaining a steady power discharge to ensure the time reliability of your watch.

The SR44 battery is also compatible with a number of other electronic devices in and around the home. It has been designed specifically to power devices which require long-term use, such as electronic games, calculators, hand torches and even a wide variety of children’s toys.

The SR44 batteries have an extensive service and shelf life, retaining 90% capacity after one year and 85% after the third year in storage. Not only are they energy efficient, but they are also economical and provide great value for your money. All GP batteries are 0% mercury, meaning that they are both safer to have in the home and also less harmful to the environment after use.