GP Silver Oxide Button 377 (SR66) card of 1

GP Silver Oxide Button 377 (SR66) card of 1

GP Silver Oxide 377 batteries assure the time reliability of your watch. They deliver balanced power and guarantee an enduring run-time for every watch available.


Equivalenti model: SR66

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Increasing time accuracy and reliability for all variety of watches, the GP 377 (SR66 battery equivalent) ensures that you never miss an appointment again.

The silver oxide watch batteries deliver a steady and balanced energy discharge over a longer time period compared to any other long-life battery. It is a high functioning, quality button cell retaining 90% capacity after one year. It is also low self-discharging meaning that you can store it for up to three years before use. The SR66 is one of the most economical and power efficient batteries on the market.

As well as powering your watch it is also compatible with a wide range of small electronic devices which typically require long-term power such as calculators, clocks, torches and children’s toys. You don’t need to worry about the batteries corroding through lack of use. With the low self-discharge the batteries will still be fully functioning the next time you need that particular device.

All GP watch batteries are with 0% mercury, meaning that they are not only safer to have at home, but they are less toxic to the environment after use.