GP Ultra+ Alkaline AA Batteries

Compatible with
Game ConsoleHigh-speed Motor ToysHome Medical DevicesProfessional FlashlightSmart Door Locks
Total Price: £4.79
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GP Ultra+ Alkaline AA Batteries

GP Ultra+ Alkaline AA Batteries

Total Price: £4.79

New and Improved Alkaline Range

Unleashes up to 200% more power*, driven by G-TECH.

G-TECH : 4 powerful breakthroughs

Harnesses 4 powerful breakthroughs, from the inside out, with a power boost of up to 200%.

Sustainable paper packaging

Reduces the use of plastic, increases recyclability and easy to store with user-centric design.

Stronger leak-proofing feature

Protects your electronic devices and avoid pressure inside the battery to prevent leaking.

What is G-TECH?

Introduces 4 powerful breakthroughs from the inside out, for longer-lasting power and stronger leak-proofing.

High-density Zinc S powder

High-density Zinc S powder in the power core provides fast, potent power generation and improved performance.

The multi-ring core with high-purity graphite

Enhances electrical conductivity and preserves power for use over longer periods of time.

Streamlined Inner Design

Streamlined inner design and tough, corrosion-proof steel increase capacity of reactive materials for higher power generation.

Patented Leakage Prevention

A patented nylon sealing ring and durable corrosion-proof design ensure long-term battery storage while preventing battery leakage. ​

Unleash up to 200% more power*

A great choice for all your high energy-consuming appliances.

Game Console

High-speed Motor Toys

Home Medical Devices

Professional Flashlight

Smart Door Locks


  • 24.1 g
  • 14.5 (D) x 50.5 (H) mm
  • 1.5 V

*up to 200% more power in high drain application vs IEC 60086-2 : 2021 MAD


What does AA battery mean?
AA batteries are a standard size and shape of battery commonly used in portable electronic devices. The AA designation refers to the size of the battery and they generally deliver 1.5V of voltage. The common types of rechargeable AA batteries are NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) and Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries.
What are AA batteries typically used for?
AA batteries are commonly used in devices like flashlights, remote controls, toys, portable radios, Bluetooth speakers, wireless computer accessories, and handheld gaming systems that require portable power sources.
What is the highest mAh for aa rechargeable batteries?
The highest mAh (milliampere-hour) rating for AA rechargeable batteries commonly available in the market is around 2000 - 3000mAh. These high-capacity batteries offer extended usage time and are suitable for devices with high power requirements.
What AA batteries are rechargeable?
Rechargeable AA batteries are typically designated as "rechargeable" or "NiMH" (Nickel Metal Hydride). These batteries can be recharged multiple times using a compatible charger. It is important to ensure that the batteries you purchase are explicitly labelled as rechargeable to avoid confusion with non-rechargeable disposable batteries.