Do you get frustrated by batteries draining faster than they should? Are you always finding yourself in need of new batteries? There may be a solution!

At GP we are passionate about helping people feel empowered, starting with powering up their devices. Staying connected is important, so we’re bringing you our guide on how to extend the life of the batteries you use every day.

Use the right battery for the right devices

Many electronic devices are recommended to use only with specific battery types. Always follow the device manufacturer’s instructions when inserting batteries into a new device, using the recommended battery types. Additionally, don’t mix old batteries with new ones, or batteries of different power levels, as this can affect the function of both batteries.

Power-intensive battery-operated devices require more juice to function well. Power up your life with long-lasting batteries for intensive devices such as toys, baby monitors, professional cameras, and more. You may find yourself in need of more specialised batteries that are not easy to find – GP has you covered with a range of specialty batteries.

Avoid operating battery-powered devices in extreme temperatures

Most batteries are not equipped to handle extreme hot or cold temperatures, so it’s best to keep battery-powered devices away from such extremes. Very hot and cold temperatures can affect battery longevity and function, as well as cause damage and safety concerns.

Need a little more flexibility? ReCyko rechargeable batteries are operational from -20°C to 50°C, delivering reliable performance even in extreme environments. With ReCyko, you can stay connected and powered up, wherever you are.

Recharge before the battery hits 0%

One way to preserve the health of your rechargeable batteries is to not let the battery deplete all the way before recharging. NiMH rechargeable batteries are suitable for charging up to a full 100% without negatively impacting the overall battery health and lifespan.

GP NiMH rechargeable batteries also have a low self-discharge rate, retaining up to 80% of their total power when left idle for 12 months depending on the model. This makes them suitable also for an occasional use, giving you power whenever you need it.

Switch off devices when not in use

Remember to switch off battery-powered devices when you’re not using them, to avoid increased battery drain. There will still be gradual self-discharging over time, but this will rapidly increase if devices are left switched on when not in use. You may not think much of keeping a device switched on all night, but if it happens every night, the increased power drain will add up soon enough.

Some devices don’t have on/off switches, so if you’re not going to use a particular device for a long while, consider removing the battery to preserve the battery’s energy. Just make sure to store batteries in a safe, non-metallic place, out of the reach of children.

Tired of constantly swapping out batteries?

Looking for a more environmentally friendly solution? Discover our powerful range of rechargeable batteries – just one rechargeable battery can replace upwards of thousands of single-use batteries.

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