It’s that time of the year again with shiny Christmas lights, colourful wreaths, customized holiday ornaments and the long awaited gift exchange with the loved ones. Finding the perfect gift that will make your family and loved ones smile may seem hard, but with our GP Christmas gift guide you will you find inspiration to power up your Christmas presents. From battery-operated toys to powerful outdoor adventure equipment, there's something for everyone this Christmas no matter your budget. 

For the Kids

As an alternative to prolonged screen time, battery-operated educational and recreational toys make wonderful Christmas gifts for children. From little enchanted lights palaces, augmented reality globes, Talking Microscopes to Laser race cars, there are multiple options to help children develop their skills, creativity and imagination. Make sure you have enough batteries to power up all Christmas toys and let their imagination run for longer! With children's toys strewn all over your home following the Christmas period, it may be hard to keep track of single-use batteries and their charge levels. Replacing single-use batteries with rechargeable batteries for toys helps to reduce clutter, save money, and protect the environment by reducing battery waste. In addition, with Charge 10, the world’s fastest battery charger*, you will be able to charge its batteries in just 10 minutes**, reducing significantly average battery charging times!

For the Teens

Is your teenager always on their phone? Make sure they're constantly charged up while out and about with a GP PowerBank. With several capacity options available, the PowerBank collection has something to suit everyone, even perpetually-online teens.

The lowest-capacity model, a 2500mAh capacity portable charger, is perfect as a backup top-up and will fully recharge a smartphone once, giving you peace of mind that your loved one will be able to contact you in an emergency. Other models include 5000mAh, 7500mAh, 10000mAh, 15000mAh, and the huge 20000mAh capacity PowerBank that lasts for up to a week on a single charge. When full, our largest PowerBank can recharge a smartphone seven times; this model is designed for occasions where you cannot guarantee the use of a reliable power outlet - perfect for teens on school trips, attending festivals, travelling during winter/summer holidays or simply on the go.

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts

Power up outdoor enthusiasts in your life with the ultimate outdoor adventure devices. GP offers a selection of powerful and multi-purpose torches, making the perfect gift for outdoor types - from those who like to work on their car or bicycle in the evening, to hikers and adventurers. Committed hikers and backpackers would love to receive a brand new head torch to free up their hands without sacrificing longevity or beam strength (from below 100 lumens up to 1000 lumen head torches).

For the Gamers

With exciting new video games and powerful console releases, there's never been a better time to be a video game lover. For Christmas, empower your favourite gamer with a brand new wireless gaming controller, mouse, or keyboard. These essential devices will provide endless entertainment to the gamer in your life.

Don't forget the power; make sure to include batteries with your gift. Energy-demanding devices such as controllers and wireless PC accessories require powerful, long-lasting batteries. To maximise efficiency and power, we recommend GP ReCyko AA batteries or Ultra Alkaline AA batteries for devices that require AA LR6 batteries. Some game controllers, mice, and keyboards may require different battery sizes, such as AAA batteries or button batteries.

For the Photographers

Professional and hobbyist photographers will appreciate the high performance of GP ReCyko Pro Photoflash rechargeable 2000 mAh NiMH AA batteries, ensuring a practical and useful Christmas present. With low internal resistance, the Photoflash batteries allow faster and more efficient consecutive shots. Featuring a low self-discharge rate and a cycle life of up to 500 times, the Photoflash AA batteries will become the new best friend of the photographers in your life.

A sustainable gifting experience

Keep sustainability in mind at Christmas, from gift-giving to decorations to food. Avoid unnecessary waste generated at Christmas by being mindful of the number of gifts you're buying, how you're wrapping them, and purchasing presents made from sustainable materials. Keep gift bags and wrapping paper to reuse year after year rather than throwing it all away; if you do need to purchase new gift wrapping, opt for recyclable options.

Where possible, provide rechargeable batteries alongside battery-operated gifts. This will not only keep your family's gadgets and toys powered up for longer, but it will also help to reduce battery waste by replacing thousands of single-use batteries over time. .

Power Up Your Christmas

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