The lead-up to Christmas is a frenzy of gift-buying, decorating, and food preparation. Many elements of the Christmas spirit are powered by batteries, from toys/gadgets to Christmas lights/décor to kitchen scales for Christmas baking and cooking. Here is everything you need to know about batteries to power your Christmas season in an efficient, cost-effective, and powerful way.

How do you store batteries for Christmas?

To prolong the life of your batteries, you should be storing them away in a cool, dry place, or ventilated at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Even though GP batteries are typically operational between -20°C and 50°C, it's a good idea to keep most batteries away from extreme temperatures and conditions when storing them to prevent damage and energy loss. In addition, make sure to remove them from all Christmas decorations before you store them and place them in their original packaging. To prevent short-circuiting or contact with other conductors, do not store batteries alongside metallic objects (such as keyrings and coins) and place a tape over the + and – terminals. Most importantly, store your batteries out of the reach of children to prevent any incidents.

Do I need to buy batteries for every battery-operated gift?

Not every battery-operated gift will come with its own batteries, in which case you'll need to purchase them separately. It's a good idea to gift batteries alongside the main present so that the fun can start straight away, rather than your loved one being unable to use their new gift.

If batteries are not included with the gift you purchase, you will often find on the box which batteries are needed without having to open it up. From AA to AAA to C&D&9V and specialty batteries, GP has got you covered this Christmas to power up all your battery-operated gifts.

Which batteries last the longest?

The battery size, chemistry and the application device roughly indicate how long a battery will last.

Overall, alkaline batteries often last longer than Carbon Zinc batteries. More specifically, GP Super Alkaline batteries offer great value for money while ensuring a long-lasting lifetime in everyday devices. Extra Alkaline batteries are engineered to deliver extra-long battery life, while Ultra Alkaline batteries will guarantee superb operating time in power hungry devices. For maximum power, Ultra Plus batteries are the best option with high drain devices.

However, the most cost-effective way to increase the longevity of batteries is to opt for rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and Li-ion rechargeable batteries can replace up to thousands of their single-use counterparts, depending on individual cycle life and the conditions they're kept/used in.

Our specialty batteries are designed to last longer in important devices such as medical equipment and smoke detectors. If you're giving a watch as a gift this Christmas, consider gifting a spare lithium coin battery if you are thinking of giving a fitness watch or smart home device as a gift as a backup.

Are rechargeable batteries compatible with all toys and devices?

Rechargeable alternatives to single-use batteries are often interchangeable with their single-use counterparts. Wherever a 'regular' AA battery can be used, a rechargeable AA battery can also. So long as the sizing is correct, you should be able to use rechargeable batteries with most toys and gadgets. Always check the manufacturer instructions to ensure the correct battery is being used. Remote control cars, game consoles and toy pianos can require a lot of power, so it’s best to use powerful rechargeable batteries which in the long term will help you make substantial savings.

Do rechargeable batteries make a good Christmas gift?

Absolutely! Plenty of people will benefit from being gifted rechargeable batteries for Christmas. Outdoor adventurers, tech and gadget enthusiasts, and on-the-go photographers are just a few examples of those who require daily access to charged and ready-to-go batteries.

The Recyko Charge 10 Ultra-Fast Charger with accompanying Charge 10 AA batteries are the perfect present for those always on the move. Capable of charging up to 4 batteries in just 10 minutes*, the Recyko Charge 10 charger provides the power to keep up with a fast-paced hobbyist lifestyle.

* Based on internal test by GP of the average percentage of battery capacity charged after a 10-minute charge as of May 2021. Calculated from 5 simultaneous charges of 4pcs of new Charge 10 1700mAh AA batteries to 90%+ of capacity at 20°C, followed by battery discharge according to IEC 61951-2.

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