Your time is precious. Every hour, minute, and second count, especially when you’re busy and always moving. Make the most of just 10 minutes with these 10-minute habits to power up your life.

10 Minutes of Nature

Spending just 10 minutes in nature every day can have a wonderful effect on your mental and physical health. According to a study in Mind, “95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outside, changing from depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calm and balanced.”
Since nature treats us so well, it’s important to return the favour. As our lives and technologies continue to progress and develop, so too does the strain placed upon our planet. There are countless reasons for humans and businesses to protect the environment and live environmentally conscious lives:

  • The environment helps in protecting the ecosystem.
  • Protecting the environment protects humanity.
  • It is a way to give back to your generation, future generations, and the planet itself.

At GP, we feel the responsibility to develop more sustainable sources of power to protect the environment. We aim to play our part in building a greener tomorrow by reducing waste and using recycled materials in our products and packaging.

10 Minutes of Creating

Creating something from scratch is a satisfying and often therapeutic activity. You don’t necessarily have to be an ‘artsy’ type to be creative. A ‘creative work’ could be anything from writing code to cultivating a new recipe to filling in a crossword puzzle - anything you enjoy that gets your creative juices flowing.

Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do at GP; reducing waste is one of the main environmental focus areas in our manufacturing facilities. On an individual level, when creating and crafting projects, it’s important to be mindful of the materials you use. You can repurpose non-recyclable materials into new items and crafts, such as a new pen pot or custom vase, instead of throwing them away. This not only decreases your household waste and products sent to landfills, but it also helps you create a unique object that only you own.

10 Minutes of Movement

Leading such busy lives can make it difficult to find the time for exercise and movement in your daily life. If you aim to complete just 10 minutes of ‘movement’ (however intense you like) every day, it may be more manageable and achievable. Movement benefits our bodies in six key areas: muscles, bones, joints, brain, heart, and lungs. The key is to avoid inactivity and try to consistently move your body at least once per day.

For fitness fanatics, your fitness gadgets are necessary accessories for your exercise routines. Power up on the go with specialty batteries for your sports smartwatch and never run out of juice mid-run again.

10 Minutes of Knowledge

Use 10 minutes of your day, every day, to learn something new. Whether you read, listen to a podcast, or watch an informative video, incorporating 10 minutes of gaining knowledge into your day is a valuable, mentally stimulating activity.

At GP, we believe in the power of knowledge. For facts and tips about batteries, visit our blog to learn more about the batteries you use every day, best practices for battery usage, and what you can do to power up your life with less harm to the environment.

10 Minutes to Recharge

Taking breaks throughout the day is important to avoid energy crashes and long-term burnout. Find 10 minutes every day to recharge your mind and body; this can be through exercise, meditation, relaxing activities, or intellectually stimulating activities – whatever helps you refocus and recharge.

While you recharge your mind and body, 10 minutes* is all you need to recharge your battery-powered devices, too. The new Recyko Charge 10, the world’s fastest battery charger**, charges AA Charge 10 batteries in just 10 minutes*. If you’re always on the go, Charge 10 will be there for you, keeping your power-intensive equipment and high-drain devices powered up.

*Based on internal test by GP of the average percentage of battery capacity charged after a 10-minute charge as of May 2021. Calculated from 5 simultaneous charges of 4pcs of new Charge 10 1700mAh AA batteries to 90%+ of capacity at 20°C, followed by battery discharge according to IEC 61951-2.

**Based on internal test by GP of the fastest NiMH battery chargers by leading NiMH battery charger brands available in major global markets as of May 2021. Test conditions: Average time required during 5 simultaneous charges of 4pcs of new Charge 10 1700mAh AA batteries to 90%+ of capacity at 20°C followed by battery discharge according to IEC 61951-2.

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