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Whether you’re planning a staycation or travelling abroad this electronics packing list will help you stay powered on the go. Are you planning to travel, hike, or camp? That means time away from power outlets and reliance on portable power! Luckily for you here at GP, we understand the importance of portable power, so read on for our holiday ‘must pack’ electronic essentials.

Keep your electronic gadgets charged for travel

We’ve all been there, walked out the house with a phone on low battery, the frustration, knowing we aren’t going to be near a power supply.

Some of us resort to turning our phones off and on again to preserve power. It’s important when travelling to ensure your mobile phone is constantly topped off with power, not only is it your essential communication device but we all keep things like electronic travel documents, emergency contact info and medical records.

When hiking or camping a phone becomes an irreplaceable piece of safety equipment to ensure you can contact loved ones as well as the emergency services if you get into trouble. Plus, who doesn’t love a good photo for our social accounts?

Pack tablets and e-book devices for holiday entertainment

Whatever your destination, whether crammed in the car or lacking leg room on a flight we all need to stay entertained. The kids especially are going to drive you insane if they can’t play Minecraft or watch YouTube on the iPad. Get that tablet packed! For book lovers a Kindle can also be a must-have on any journey, getting lost in a good book can also be a must for relaxing around a pool whilst working on your tan.

If you are going on a camping trip these things are especially important, there is always an amount of downtime where you might want to catch up on the latest episode of your favourite serie.

GP M2 series Power Bank 10000/20000mAh is the perfect companion to keep both your phone/electronic devices powered up and ready to go no matter what.

Camping holidays and hikes? Don’t forget the torches

It’s very easy to forget how dark it can get in the wilderness so packing a torch is a staple to any outdoor trip. Check out our GP Discovery range of torches. Perfect for rummaging about in your tent or to get you back from dinner at the local pub in the dark.

For the serious hikers amongst you that plan on some night-time hikes we recommend a durable, lightweight headtorch for hands-free visibility whilst tackling hard terrain. You can find our range of head torches here to help you keep your line in any challenging dark environments.

When camping we recommend a decent camping lantern too to ensure comfortable visibility, keep these powered up with our variety of GP ReCyko rechargeable batteries and battery chargers.

Wherever you’re headed this summer, just think ahead, plan accordingly to keep your electronic ‘must-haves’ powered on and remember GP is here to help every step of the way.

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