The struggle to find the right charging cable in a time of need is one we all know. But imagine how easy it would be to have a universal charging cable capable of delivering the fastest charge ever possible. That may have sounded like a dream a few years ago, but with USB-C Power Delivery, it’s closer than you think.

The latest innovation in rapid charging technology, USB-C Power Delivery (or USB-C PD) delivers higher levels of power to a wider range of devices than ever before. For all of us, that means a super-fast charge no matter the device.

With manufacturers like Apple and Google already adopting this new technology with features such as USB-C (PD for Android and Fast Charge for iPhone), and the EU planning to standardise USB – C connectors across all portable devices by the end of 2024, USB-C PD seems to be the way forward. But is it worth the switch? Read on to learn more about the benefits of USB-C Power Delivery.

As many of the world's leading manufacturers are supporting this new technology, such as Apple, Google and Intel, USB-C Power Delivery will be replacing all previous USB types. But what’s all the fuss about? Here are four benefits to switching to USB-C Power Delivery.

More Power

With the ability to handle higher current and voltage than older USB chargers and cords, USB-C PD can charge with up to 100W, compared to the standard 12W output. This means less time to fully charge a wide range of devices, from tablets and game consoles to phones and laptops.

Safer Than Ever

High-quality USB-C chargers like the GP 3-port GaN Charger are enhanced with a smart chip to recognise (and match) the charging requirements for each device, built-in overcurrent protection to keep devices from receiving too much power, and an internal thermoregulator to prevent electronics from overheating.

Less Waste

While more powerful and safer than the old days, USB-C PD has the added benefit of reducing e-waste. In the future, you’ll be able to charge most of your devices with the same cable and charger, eliminating the need to buy a new one with every new device.

Effortless Handling

On top of being able to charge all of your devices with the same charger, USB-C to USB-C cables are capable of fitting any USB-C-enabled device, no matter what way you try to insert it. That’s because of its reversible tip and reversible connector.

3 Essentials to Fast Charging

Whether you’re looking for a battery recharge, or a quick jolt, fast charging has never been easier than with USB-C Power Delivery. But first, learn more about the three essentials of fast charging – cable, charger and device.


Now supported on certain iOS and Android devices, fast charging with USB-C Power Delivery is even more accessible – you’ll just need the right charge cable. Whether Lightning to USB-C, or USB-C to USB-C, make sure your charge cable can support the power your device requires.


Consider the overall input power your devices require when choosing USB-C PD Chargers. To charge multiple devices at the same time, and at an optimal speed, choose a multi-port charger with a higher total output.


Even with the capacity to power up to 100W, take note of the device’s maximum charging speed. If a phone’s charging speed is 18W, and the charger’s is 65W, the phone will only charge at 18W.

The Right Power for Your Device

When paired correctly, USB-C PD can power up your devices at a much faster pace; for example, smartphones can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes. This means less time plugged in and more time powered up on the go. But how much power does your device need? Refer to the illustration below to discover the right power for your device.

How much power does your devices need?

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