How to Prepare for a Blackout: Survival Kit | GP Batteries UK

Power outage survival kit.


Energy blackouts this winter? Maybe, although it is said to be unlikely, the National Grid is not able to completely discount the possibility.

The National Grid forecast the possibility of three-hour energy outages to residential and business energy supplies, which would be announced the day before, and although a worst-case scenario, it needs to be considered and planned for.

With this in mind, it’s worth checking that you’re prepared with everything you need in the event of energy blackouts. With winter setting in and the bad weather it brings with it, it’s worth being prepared for unplanned power cuts too.

Power Cut Essentials Checklist

Chargers & Batteries

You will need portable power to keep phones, laptops, and other handheld devices up and running in an energy blackout. Check out our range of batteries, both single-use and reusable, as well as laptop and mobile phone chargers here.


Maybe the most obvious power cut essentials on the list, but if your lights aren’t working in your home, then the ability to see what you are doing to carry out other tasks around the house is key. Most smartphones come with built-in torches which are handy if fully charged. We would always suggest a separate torch and a reliable set of batteries, in case you need to save your phone battery for emergencies.

Mobile phone

Most people own one, but perhaps you have a parent,grandparent or elderly relative that doesn’t. If blackouts are confirmed in the coming weeks, then landline phones that rely on electricity won’t work. A fully charged mobile phone will be needed to keep in contact with loved ones, friends, and emergency services. If you have a relative without one, who is potentially vulnerable,maybe now is a good time to invest in one.


Another great way to boost visibility around the home. Make sure to place candles in safe holders away from anything that could catch fire. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Although taps and running water shouldn’t be an issue, it’s worth having a few bottles of water in your cupboards just in case.

Food that requires no cooking

Cooking will be off the cards in an energy blackout, electric hobs, microwaves, toasters, and kettles will be sat without power. Be prepared by getting food into your kitchen that doesn’t require heating. Bread, crisps, dried fruit and ‘ready-to-eat’ meals that don’t require refrigeration are all great options.


Keep the family medication in an easy-to-find area and ensure you have enough to last if you rely on it daily. Just in case you’re unable to ring the doctor to renew prescriptions during power outages.


Staying warm is key during a blackout or power cut. If the radiators aren’t working, then warm blankets, jumpers and coats nearby would be your power cut essentials.

Puzzles, books, and battery-operated games

Stay entertained, TV, streaming services and your usual go-to, taken-for-granted entertainment might not be available. Having a good supply of books, jigsaws and board games, little ones will certainly also benefit from battery-operated games to keep them busy and stave off boredom during energy outage.