Myths About Rechargeable Batteries

Busting common myths on rechargeable batteries


Rechargeable batteries have been around for a long time, taking off in the early 1900s. Early on technology wasn’t what it is today, many people still recount memories of poor charge capacity and tediously long changing times. However times have changed, and today’s rechargeable batteries are a different species entirely. Just take a look at our very own Recyko range a powerhouse in the world of rechargeable batteries.

Despite this evolution, past misconceptions still exist, so we are here to do some myth busting! Read on for the top myths surrounding rechargeable batteries today:

Rechargeable Batteries – Myths & Facts

  1. Myth: Rechargeable batteries drain quickly when not in use.
    Fact: New generation rechargeable batteries are built with a very low self-discharge rate, meaning they can stay up to 80% charged after 12 months when left idle.

  2. Myth: Rechargeable batteries always need to be fully charged and discharged, otherwise they lose capacity.
    Fact: New generation rechargeable batteries keep their capacity for at least 500 charges, no matter to what percentage they are charged or discharged.

  3. Myth: Rechargeable batteries need to be charged before you use them for the first time.
    Fact: New generation rechargeable batteries are pre-charged and ready to use right out of the box. There is no need to charge them up before first use.

  4. Myth: It is not possible to replace single-use batteries with rechargeable batteries.
    Fact: New generation rechargeable batteries are a perfect and generally better alternative to 99% of the applications in which single-use batteries are being used.

  5. Myth: Using rechargeable batteries is expensive because you need to buy a charger.
    Fact: 61% of UK consumers have a battery charger at home that can be used with these new generation rechargeable batteries.

  6. Myth: Single-use batteries do not have that much impact on the environment since they are recycled.
    Fact: Every year the UK throws away over 600 million batteries, 52% of UK consumers are unaware that they can recycle batteries. One pack of rechargeable batteries could save at least 1000 batteries from the bin and ultimately save them from landfill.

  7. Myth: Having to charge batteries is inconvenient.
    Fact: With our industry-leading recharge times and being USB chargers, means that batteries can be charged conveniently at home in plug sockets or from any device with a USB port – laptop, PC, TVs, or even on the go in cars/vans etc.

Single Use Batteries – Kicking The Habit

The truth is rechargeable batteries are a better option all-round. Today we charge our phones, toothbrushes, computers and even cars. We are well versed in recharging all manner of electronic devices, yet we still seem to neglect one area – our batteries.

How many electronic devices do you have at home? Think about it, from alarm clocks to tv remotes, toys and other household accessories, if you stop and think about it, the number of single-use batteries that you’re currently relying on may surprise you.

All these single-use batteries require more of the world's natural resources to produce, and as discussed above, this is unnecessary in today’s modern world.

The smart choice is to make the switch to rechargeable batteries, helping both the environment and your wallet too. At GP Batteries we have an excellent range of GP ReCyko batteries along with chargers & charger docks to choose from.

Even better our batteries are made of more than 10% recycled materials and are ECV certified, on top of that over 94% of the entire battery pack, including the box can also be recycled. There has never been a better time to kick single-use habits and join the recharging revolution.

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