GP ReCyko Batteries
GP ReCyko Batteries

GP ReCyko Batteries.

NiMH rechargeable batteries designed for your everyday life, saving you from thousands of single-use batteries – putting less stress on the environment and your wallet.

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recyko batteries

ReCyko battery features

  • recyko batteries - long cycle life

    Long cycle life

    Guaranteed to last up to 500 charges

  • recyko batteries - ready to use

    Ready to use

    All batteries are pre-charged and ready to use right out of the box

  • recyko batteries - low self-discharge rate

    Low self-discharge rate

    Retains up to 80% of total power after 12 months when left idle

  • recyko batteries - works in extreme temperatures

    Works in extreme temperatures

    Operating temperature from -20°C to 50°C

  • recyko batteries - money saving

    Money saving

    Replace thousands of single-use batteries

  • recyko batteries - eco-friendly


    Made of more than 10% recycled materials, and over 94% of the whole battery pack can be recycled

recyko batteries - a greener battery recyko batteries - a greener battery

A greener battery

At GP we feel the responsibility to develop more sustainable sources of power for people’s everyday lives. That’s why our new rechargeable batteries have been designed to reduce resource usage, pollution and waste to landfill.

Rechargeable batteries range

A full range of long lasting, eco-friendly batteries that come in different capacities and sizes to power all your low and high drain devices.

  • recyko batteries - the smart choice recyko batteries - the smart choice

    The smart choice

    Want to save money, time and environment? These rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 500 times, which is the equivalent up to 4,000 single use batteries*.

    *By GP internal lab test, for battery pack of two ReCyko AAA batteries vs GP Super Alkaline batteries in digital cameras
  • recyko batteries - always ready recyko batteries - always ready

    Always ready

    Thanks to their low self-discharge rate, these NiMH rechargeable batteries are ideal for both continuous use devices (e.g. clocks and TV remotes) and occasional use devices (e.g. headlamps and flashlights). They will retain up to 80% of their total power when left idle for 12 months.

  • recyko batteries - perfect for indoors and the great outdoors recyko batteries - perfect for indoors and the great outdoors

    Perfect for indoors and the great outdoors

    In addition to your home appliances, these rechargeable batteries deliver reliable performance for your outdoor portable devices in the most extreme environments, with a wide operating temperature ranging from -20°C to +50°C.

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With the new GP ReCyko range of rechargeable batteries, chargers and docks, being an environmentalist just became a lot easier!

Recyko Rechargeable Batteries

Recyko Batteries

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