Hearing Aid Batteries Explained

Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Batteries


What are hearing aid batteries?

They are speciality batteries made for electronic devices which require certain battery shapes. The batteries used within hearing aids are typically button cell batteries and are categorised by colour.

The 4 most common, standard sizes of hearing aid batteries are:

  • 10 (5.8mm x 3.6mm), typically found in CIC and mini RITE hearing aids, in yellow,
  • 312 (7.9mm x 3.6mm), typically found in RITE, ITC, and mini BTE hearing aids, in brown,
  • 13 (7.9mm x 5.4mm), typically found in BTE and ITE hearing aids, in orange,
  • 675 (11.6mm x 5.4mm), typically found in BTE hearing aids, in blue,

In the following table are the details of each of the colour-coded hearing aid batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aid Batteries

What are hearing aid batteries made of?
Hearing aid batteries are most commonly made with zinc-air chemistry including GP hearing aid batteries.

Where Can You Find Hearing Aid Batteries in Hong Kong?
Hearing aid batteries can be found at a variety of retailers in Hong Kong such as pharmacies and hearing clinics.

You can also purchase these batteries from online stores such as GP Batteries’ online store.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

How long a hearing aid battery will last depends on its size, styles and capacity. Typically, physically larger hearing aid batteries will last longer than smaller ones as they require higher power.

At GP Batteries, our batteries deliver 50% more power* than the industry average, giving you peace of mind for long journeys knowing you won’t run out of power. Additionally, our hearing aid batteries have a shelf life of up to 4 years, so you can stock up on batteries without worries, as the power is reserved within the shelf life.

How to make a hearing aid battery last longer?
A hearing aid battery begins to activate as soon as the plastic tab covering it is removed and the battery is in contact with air. Removing the tab allows air to enter the small holes covered by the plastic tab. Once this occurs, the battery is active and the power will start draining. This is why you should open a new tab only when you intend to place and use the battery in your hearing aid. Allow around one minute for the battery to come in contact with air to achieve full power. This will help to significantly expand its lifespan.

Are hearing aid batteries dangerous?
Swallowing hearing aid batteries is a hazard you need to be mindful of, especially around children and inquisitive pets. Due to the small size of the battery, they also pose a choking hazard to children and adults; they may be mistaken for sweets or pills. It is best to keep hearing aid batteries away from children and remain diligent.

How to Dispose of Hearing Aid Batteries Properly in Hong Kong?

Hearing aid batteries should not be thrown in the trash as their hazardous materials could seep out.

Instead, the best way to dispose of hearing aid batteries is to bring them to a designated collection point for recycling.

Several organisations in Hong Kong collect hearing aid batteries for recycling.

GP Batteries Hearing Aid Batteries

At GP, we sell size 10, 312, 13, and 675 hearing aid batteries. Our packaging is smartly designed with a spinning mechanism and longer battery tabs which make it easier to remove the batteries from the packaging and fit them into the hearing aid.

All sizes of our hearing aid batteries provide 50% more power* to hearing aids, supporting clear and consistent sound for maximum duration and are mercury-free. The high-precision design and quality control of our hearing aid batteries ensures a stable voltage output throughout its entire life, delivering consistent and reliable sound quality.

Designed to supply superior power and performance to modern hearing aids, GP hearing aid batteries keep up with new wireless functionality and enable the device to stay connected to iOS and Android phones, tablets, and other audio devices.

Sustainability is important to us here at GP Batteries. We feel the responsibility to develop more sustainable sources of power, helping to build a greener tomorrow. All GP Batteries hearing aid battery packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials, including the plastic blister and paper card.

*vs IEC hearing aid standard application test minimum average for each battery size. Results may vary by device and usage patterns.

Relish in the Gift of Hearing With GP Batteries
Visit GP Batteries Hong Kong today to find the perfect hearing aid and speciality batteries for your needs. We also offer a wide variety of batteries ranging from the classic single-use AA batteries to our famous GP Recyko brand of rechargeable batteries.

Whatever power solution you need, we have it here at GP Batteries Hong Kong. Check out our online store now!

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