At GP, we want to ensure that finding the right battery for your appliance should neither be a struggle or a strain on the environment. Because of this, we want to be certain that you are choosing the right ReCyko rechargeable battery for your needs.

What is GP ReCyko?

At GP we feel the responsibility to develop more sustainable sources of power for people’s everyday lives. That’s why we have designed ReCyko, a full range of rechargeable batteries and chargers to help reduce resource usage, pollution and waste to landfill. ReCyko is designed for your everyday life, saving you from thousands of single-use batteries, while putting less stress on the environment and your wallet.

In our assortment you may find four ReCyko batteries:


ReCyko is available in a full range of long lasting, eco-friendly batteries that come in different capacities and sizes (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) to power all your low and high drain devices, without scrimping on effectiveness. These are guaranteed to last up to 500 charges. With their low self-discharge rate, ReCyko rechargeable batteries are perfect for everyday use, for example in clocks, TV remotes or baby monitors. Additionally, because most models will retain up to 80% of their total power when left idle for 12 months, they are appropriate for occasional use devices, such as in head torches, torches or Christmas lights. Finally, these batteries boast an operating temperature ranging from -20°C to +50°C, meaning that whatever the weather or environment, you can rely on ReCyko to power you through!

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ReCyko Pro

If you’re looking for more than everyday power, the ReCyko Pro batteries may be what you’re looking for! This range is designed for power-intensive equipment, high-drain devices and tough jobs in mind. ReCyko Pro batteries are specially designed with high-performance attributes, meaning that they are perfect for intensive devices that may drain regular batteries much quicker. These batteries can be perfect for gaming controllers and electric toys like remote cars. With its cycle life of up to 1,500 cycles, and low self-discharge rate ( 70% of total power is retained after 5 years when left idle), you’ll never have to worry about flat batteries for your occasional or frequent use devices ever again.

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ReCyko Pro Photoflash

Any photography shouldn’t be without ReCyko Pro Photoflash batteries. The low internal resistance allows a faster flash recycle time. GP ReCyko Pro Photoflash batteries have been specially designed for flash photography and has one of the fastest flash recycle times in the world: 50%+ faster to complete 50 shots*. Additionally, with its cycle life of up to 500 cycles and low self-discharge rate of up to 80%, you’ll drastically reduce the usage of single-use batteries when you make the switch.

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Recyko Charge 10

Our Recyko Charge 10 AA batteries are the latest battery designed for high-speed charging. Recyko Charge 10 NiMH rechargeable batteries contain a specially engineered chemistry that enables them to be charges in just 10 minutes** with the Charge 10 Ultra-Fast Charger. With high performance attributes and a cycle life of 700 times***, this battery pack is ideal for power-intensive devices. This battery comes to you pre-charged and ready to use. And what’s more, it retains up to 80% of its power after 12 months. Because of this quick recharge time, the Recyko range is perfect for those moments you need batteries and fast!

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How do I charge ReCyko batteries?

In our assortment you may find multiple chargers and charging stations designed for a whole new way of charging: smart, convenient, and safe. Simply connect the power cord to the battery charger, plug the other end of the power cord into a wall socket and insert your NiMH batteries into the battery charger according to the battery polarity. The number of battery slot options will vary depending on the charger. Check out our ReCyko battery chargers comparison table to explore all available functions. Looking for the highest charging speed? Discover Recyko Charge 10, the world’s fastest charger**** that can safely charge its Charge 10 batteries in just 10 minutes**.

In a Nutshell

We have made sure that no matter your device, we can provide a rechargeable battery to do the job whilst being reliable and environmentally friendly! Make the change and shop GP’s range of powerful, rechargeable batteries today.

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